Ssanyong Gearbox Failure Fixed

28 FEBRUARY 2018

We recently had a SSANYONG KYRON brought to us with a fault occurring when the vehicle was at operating temperature, as we are one of the few garages locally able to plug diagnostic equipment into the Ssangyong electronic control systems. The symptoms the customer required to be solved was the gearbox defaulting into limp mode when the vehicle got “hot”. On our initial fault code check we noted a lack of communication between the gear shift lever and the transmission control module.

Due to initial budgetary constraints at the customer’s request we changed a seal on the loom plug into the gearbox, apparently being a common cause for such issues often seeing oil wicking up to the transmission control unit. We cleaned and checked all the wiring and changing the seal as requested but we did not see a change, the fault was still there; in fact after completing this procedure and driving the vehicle 20 yards to the parking area it decided not to drive at all!

In discussion with the customer about the problem persisting and following further research, it was decided that the contact plate may have degraded or broken resulting in the lack of communication. Again, this didn’t solve the problem! With a 3rd party auto electrician confirming that we were missing a 12v feed to the gearbox solenoids from the Transmission Control Unit, we were now looking at the possibility that either the Selector or the TCU were faulty.


After taking the bull by the horns, many more hours of research later we decided to purchase a replacement Transmission Gear Selector and try that fix. We had repeatedly been told by relevant technicians and auto electrical specialists, that this particular Mercedes-Benz 5G-Tronic automatic transmission fitted as the gearbox in the Ssangyong Kyron is effectively “bullet proof” and even without any electrical input should still have drive. Humm little do they know!

Well it only went and worked! Proving that sometimes other people’s experience can stop you looking at the problem from your own perspective and seeing the most obvious answer! Another difficult job completed at Star Autocare Limited.

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