Our first year

This time last year we were just working though our first month with lots of unresolved issues after the rapid acquisition of the business to satisfy the needs of the previous tenants. So a belated Happy Birthday to Star Autocare Ltd and well done the team for making it a very positive first year of trading.

As a team Hywel, Doug, Sion and Tom have achieved a great deal over the year and have developed into a well balanced team with enthusiasm and passion for the work we do. Having passed his refresher course Doug has joined Hywel as the two testers we have on site. With the variation in work that we see coming through the door Hywel gets to do lots of specialist welding and Doug loves machining parts that are not readily available. Tom has now completed his apprenticeship and has developed a keen interest in the complex electronics that are found in new vehicles, along with his abilities as a very skilled MIG welder he has a broad spectrum of work within his grasp. Sion’s mechanical skills and fastidious nature in servicing keeps that side of our business moving well and as he has quickly got to grips with the garage software he is one of our best customer facing members of staff.

Our new 4wheel alignment kit
We’ve updated a lot of the equipment in Star Workshops since we took over, including a new ramp and our new 4 wheel alignment kit.
Low sports cars

We’ve had an incredible range of vehicles in the workshop over this year from mint classics such as an MGBGT to a Toyota Supra that we upgraded to about 450RWHP. We currently are involved in building several special projects, a Reliant Scimitar GTC being fitted with a Jaguar engine and a Vauxhall Astra MK1 SRi fitted with a 4.0l V8 from a lexus and more waiting to come in. We care for lots of lowered and customised cars and also care for many classics all of which are cherished by their owners and by us!
Replacing an engine in a Renault Traffic

Vans too have been a consistent line of work from preparing a Classic VW Camper for a several thousand mile journey across Europe to fitting a replacement engine in a Renault Traffic and we have had lots of 4×4 vehicles and several pieces of towed equipment to repair. We are currently starting to branch out into creating specialist exhausts in stainless exhaust either TIG or MIG welded too.

Quite a varied workload!

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