Your MOT Process

During the MOT test we will check your vehicle to ensure it meets current legal standards and safety guidelines. The test will normally take between 45 minutes to an hour.  We do have a customer waiting area where you are able take advantage of our free Wi-Fi and we are also happy to provide you with a tea or coffee.

If your vehicle fails the MOT test, we will explain why and provide you with a quote for the work needed to get it back on the road. Should there be a need for any additional work beyond that quoted, we will consult with you before this potential work is carried out. If you have the necessary work completed by us and we can retest within 10 days of the original MOT date there will be no additional charge for the retest.

We will always try and complete repairs on the day but should we encounter any delays or issues we can offer you the use of one of our courtesy cars. We also have a courtesy van which may suit you better. Our MOT technicians are fully qualified and trained. They receive continual training and quality control. We are a family run business  and our primary concern is to take care of our customers.

You can book your MOT through our online booking system or call 01248 714094

If your MOT has run out just call us on 01248 714094 and we will book you in right away so that you can legally drive to the garage for your appointment. The MOT test is to check that your vehicle meets road safety standards. This is a legal requirement and you can be fined up to £1,000 for driving without a valid MOT.

The DVLA now has provided public access to its records and you can check any vehicle’s

MOT history at   or simply its MOT status at

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